This website is your one-place online resource for any information relating to insurance and long-term savings. There would be articles on insurance and long-term savings to educate/ inform you about the need for insurance and long-term savings and guide you to take proper steps for ensuring that the future of your families is secured/ insured against all uncertainties of the future (accidents, COVID, etc). There would be articles relating to all aspects of insurance and long-term savings. Articles would cover the following (list is indicative and not exhaustive):

  • Introduction to insurance
  • Types of insurance
  • Need for insurance
  • Term plan Vs Whole life cover plan
  • How to choose insurance plans as per your need?
  • What is term plan?
  • How much insurance is adequate for me?

This blog is my personal space and my objective here is to make everyone more informed and wiser than they were before they visited this website.

Life is unpredictable. No one wants to die but the reality is we all die and none of us knows our death date. If you have parents, spouse and children who depend on you, you need to take life insurance. This will ensure that they continue to lead the life style they enjoyed with you. Of course, no one can replace you (physically and emotionally) but financially the family would be secured.

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